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QROPS Advice News - 23 April 2014 You have no doubt seen the news about UK pensions. It was very clear that something had to be done and legislative solutions had to be risk tested. The result anticipated is one which harnesses quality advice with solutions that are not one trick pony game plans. In other words those advisors who saw advice as being “as you have moved overseas it’s a choice between QROPS A and QROPS B” should take a very clear message back to their lords and masters, i.e. we have a problem. When we met in Whitehall with the powers that be we delivered a very clear message. The market was now in effect being controlled by “gangs” outside the control of a regulator. In other words there was no law that could control the advisor who was not subject to UK regulatory control. So by opening up the market and removing final salary scheme options and leveling the playing field, the QROPS debate has shifted to “let’s question whether a QROPS is right by forcing UK and non-country of residency options to be considered? And tax considerations to be really essential as would visa status? And then, should a client move to country X to make use of double tax agreement options, etc.” In other words, goodbye to the advisor who doesn’t have the skill sets and only thinks QROPS A or QROPS B. We are already taking on work where UK pension scheme members current or past (QROPS) are questioning what they have been sold or not sold and what exactly was the gibberish that was meted out as “advice”.  Wednesday, 23 April 2014 15:07
Australian Tax Amnesty Announced - Just a few hours ago Australian announced a tax amnesty. The tax amnesty applies to any tax resident with offshore assets not declared to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Applicable offshore assets could include, pensions, ISAs, Premium Bonds, cash savings, shares and property, among others. Geraint Davies, Montfort International’s Managing Director, sees this move as, ‘’significant from many perspectives. We have seen the breaking news of a complete re-vamp of pensions in the UK. We see taxation rules getting more and more complicated, with the man in the street often oblivious of what might be taxed and what might not be. A classic case of not knowing what you don’t know and if you don’t know what you don’t know – what do you do? There is no line of separation between the tax cheat and the seemingly innocent. Anybody, big or small, who has a financial connection with Australia has a tax connection.“We have the traditional bank accounts held in offshore tax havens. But we also have undeclared UK pensions, Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes and Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes, both in the accumulation and decumulation phase as well as ISAs and Premium Bond wins. Then there are, of course, rented out properties, share portfolios, endowments, inheritances kept ex-Australia that need to be considered.” A senior Australian tax officer stated, ‘’People disclosing their offshore assets would be assessed for the last four years only and be liable for a maximum shortfall penalty of 10% of their debt instead of 90%. They will have to pay the tax due plus interest for late payment.” Although this may sound like a problem for recent migrants, the tax amnesty is an opportunity for those who have not declared their offshore assets to put their tax position right. We at Offshore QROPS believe that many will come forward for fear of what the ATO have in mind, the penalties of having to pay now being extremely light. However, those not facing up to their obligations now face serious problems, as those that come forward will give clues as to where undeclared assets and income are being held. Pensions undeclared might pose an interesting set of questions now that full access to pensions is proposed UK legislation. Could a migrant see Australia raising tax due under the now withdrawn Foreign Investment Fund (FIF) tax legislation where offshore holdings such as UK pensions are discovered? This FIF legislation caught private pensions. Interesting times! It is not just the UK and Australian Governments announcing such measures either, “I think Governments around the world will unite, the data sharing and powerful technical advances in data capture and analysis are on the side of tax offices around the world and, whether or big or small, any excuse of not knowing about a tax rule will not wash. I think that UK advisers tend to forget that UK is offshore to Australia. Advisers who have purely focused on selling QROPS and QNUPS might well find themselves having to answer questions as to why they didn’t recommend advice on non-commission earning advice areas.” Geraint also stated that, “Any migrant or returning national past or present really needs to have a financial health check at the earliest opportunity to check if they have an exposure. It’s clear that Australia will now be not just looking back in time but will not want to lose tax revenue going forward. Nobody will want a penalty that could be greater in value than the asset being hidden” If you would like a financial health check or to ensure that your migration finances, pensions and investments are in order, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Offshore QROPS on +44 (0)1483 202072, who will be happy to help. Thursday, 27 March 2014 11:26
Transferring Pensions to Australia and the Australian Superannuation QROPS Contribution Cap - Both in the press and on websites, including and you will see ample comment regarding the contribution cap when transferring pensions into an Australian Superannuation so we will not go over this well trodden subject. Instead we want to consider a far more important subject, i.e. whether a transfer across to a QROPS in Australia may be in your interest in the first place? There is certainly good news for those who hold UK pension arrangements in excess of the cap as from the start of the new Australian tax year, the non-consessional contribution cap is increasing to AU$180,000 instead of the current AU$150,000. For some, this makes things much easier to make an overseas pension transfer from a UK pension to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) happen. For others, the cap may still not be high enough to transfer a pension into Australian QROPS. Where this is the case, it can still be possible to roll 3 years together. For those with larger pension values in the UK, even rolling 3 years together still does not allow them to transfer their funds into an Australian QROPS. In these instances, there may be solutions available to you utilising a sequence strategy over time. However careful management to ensure you meet the requirements in the most tax efficient manner is all important. One wrong move can expose you to unwanted Australian and or UK tax liabilities and or missed opportunity. Montfort International have since before QROPS were even on the drawing board been delivering bespoke financial and pension planning advice and strategies for any set of circumstance since the overseas pension transfer concept took off, however each and every potential global QROPS victim \ candidate needs to pay heed to the detail. Always exercise caution when dealing around matters concerning the contributions cap. Within this strategy we can advice suitable investment advice to ensure that your funds are working hard for you whilst the process is happening. An investment strategy within your overall pension planning is essential to ensure that your funds at least keep up with inflation. However, careful analysis of your risk tolerance level is needed as if your risk tolerance level is less than the level needed to make a transfer analytically suitable, is a pension transfer to Australia advisable in the first place? Should you wish to speak to Montfort International regarding how Australian superannuation contributions caps and pension transfers to Australia may affect you, please do not hesitate to contact our Financial Advisor, Andrew Hains who will be happy to discuss this with you. Thursday, 27 March 2014 09:29
New Zealand Tax on Foreign Pensions - Over recent months there has been a lot in the New Zealand financial press and International pensions press about how the New Zealand Inland Revenue will treat foreign pensions, including any UK pension arrangements that you may hold. There is potential that the New Zealand Inland Revenue will tax the growth of any UK pension or other pension offshore from New Zealand. However, there are certain exceptions that you may be able to apply, depending upon your circumstances. These exceptions may help to keep your options open when migrating and significantly benefit you financially. Do you need to transfer your UK pension to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension (QROPS) in New Zealand? Well, the answer is not quite as straightforward as a yes or no answer. The actual answer is that it depends upon a number of factors, such as your future plans and objectives, the benefits your UK pensions will provide, any guarantees or exit penalties that your existing arrangements may have, currency markets, whether you qualify for exceptions to tax, the charges involved in a overseas pension transfer etc. However, it is made more complicated because you must also get the timing of any transfer right, if a transfer to a New Zealand QROPS is right in the first place. The amendments to the New Zealand tax on pensions may have an affect on anyone who is already resident in New Zealand and has transferred pensions from the UK to NZ Superannuation schemes and QROPS in the past, those who are New Zealand residents who still maintain UK or other pension arrangements outside of New Zealand and those who are intending on migrating to New Zealand. If you fit into any of the categories above, it is recommended that you review your pension and retirement planning position. For further information on whether this may affect you and whether or not a financial, pension and retirement planning review would benefit you, please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Hains or Tom Reed at our office on +44 (0)1483 202072. Based upon asking you a few key questions, they will be happy to make an initial assessment. Friday, 21 March 2014 09:16
Fixed and Individual Protection 2014 - By now, those of you to whom Fixed and Individual Protection 2014 may apply for your pensions should be aware of it. With the end of the current UK tax year fast approaching, time is running out if you need to apply for these as the deadline is 5th April 2014. On 6th April 2014, the lifetime allowance is reducing from £1.5m to £1.25m. There are, therefore, issues to consider for anyone whether remaining in the UK or moving / retiring overseas around the lifetime allowance for pensions for anyone who has upwards of around £600,000 in their pension pots. For some, applying for either of the protections may be the most appropriate solution but for those migrating overseas, a combination of protection and transfer to QROPS may be a suitable strategy. Either way, time is running out and if you have not yet looked at this, you need to consider your options quickly. In certain situations modelling various scenarios may well be our recommendation. If you feel this may be appropriate for you please feel free to speak with our advisor, Andrew Hains who will be able to discuss the options with you and advise accordingly. It is important that the right solution for you is implemented as this will ultimately affect your future and the future of your family. Once a strategy is advised and implemented, Montfort International also stress the importance of reviewing and maintaining that strategy on a regular basis. All too often a pension and investment solution is set up and then just left. By regularly maintaining and reviewing your pension and investment strategy you can ensure that your plans and investments are on track to meet your retirement goals and that your investments are in line with your risk profile and tolerance to loss. If you have any queries or would like Montfort International to review your pension, QROPS, retirement or investment strategy, please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Hains on 01483 202072. Wednesday, 19 March 2014 14:06

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