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The Australian Dollar and the Great Fall of China - 28 August 2015 A correction in the Chinese stock market and worries about the health of the Chinese economy have caused knock on effects on currencies and stock markets around the world, especially those of China’s major trading partners such as Australia. Until June the Chinese stock market had been performing extremely strongly in 2015, up by 50% from the start of the year, but the correction over the last two months has wiped out all of those gains. Whilst investors outside China have limited access to Chinese shares, the concern is that this situation reflects a major slowdown in Chinese economic growth. Many other parts of the world rely on this growth to trade with China, especially Australia with its mineral resources, although the London stock market is also dominated by a large number of global mining companies and oil firms. One result was the Australian dollar fell to more than six-year lows against some currencies and is currently trading at around A$2.15 to the GBP£ On Monday the Australian Dollar (AUD) varied between 2.15AUD:1GBP and 2.24AUD: 1GBP which begs the questions – is the time right? If you look at any of the major foreign exchange providers you can see that the AUD has been weakening over the past few months against Sterling and who knows what the future may hold. To put it in perspective, if you had a lump sum of £100,000 you would have received AUD$215,000 at the lowest point today and AUD$224,000 at the highest point, a difference of AUD$9,000. QROPS Update Further to our previous update there have been no changes in terms of previously Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (ROPS) and the great number of schemes removed in June 2015 do not seem to be on the way to being back on the ROPS list anytime soon. This may have a significant impact on any UK residents looking to move abroad in the near future and looking to take their pensions with them. We urge anyone in the situation where they are looking to move to Australia or have moved to Australia permanently and left some or all of their investments in the UK to contact us on 01483 202072 or email (  Friday, 28 August 2015 17:20
Update on the Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (ROPS) List – One Australian - 1 July 2015 As of today (01 July 2015) the Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (ROPS) list released by the UK Government no longer has the array of schemes in Australia previously recorded as a ROPS and in fact only has one remaining – the Local Government Superannuation Scheme. This scheme qualifies for ROPS status under a special exemption clause. Please see the link below: This has a major impact on anyone transferring/planning to transfer their UK Registered Pension Scheme to Australia. Any transfers now made from the UK Scheme to an Australian Superannuation (previously on the ROPS list) almost certainly will be seen as an unauthorised payment and lead to a possible 55% tax charge payable to the UK Government. Those schemes that transferred after 06/04/15 are in line to be considered similarly, if the rules are strictly applied. We strongly urge anyone in the process of transferring to seek advice and suspend the transfer from going ahead until further notice from the UK Government with the same applying to anyone thinking of transferring to such a scheme in the near future. You will notice Australia has been the focus of this article but please bear in mind that a variety of schemes in other countries have also been removed from the list. Ultimately, we believe anyone considering the transfer of their UK Registered Pension Scheme abroad should seek specialist advice. The above statement is based on current legislation and releases by the UK Government. Please bear in mind that the decision could be changed in the future. Please contact us on +44 1483 202072 if you would like to discuss the issue further.  Wednesday, 01 July 2015 16:50
‘DO NOT TRANSFER’ - Pension Transfers to Australia, New Zealand, Canada & - 16 June 2015 If you have seen any financial news regarding UK pension transfers ex-UK, you would have been hard pressed to not see anything about the current issues regarding transferring UK pensions to Australia or New Zealand or Ireland or Canada. Once upon a time, transfers from the UK to these jurisdictions were seen as the only way to go. The problem was that this was not always the right thing to do as many of our clients will have discovered when we delivered a ‘do not transfer’ recommendation. Today a ‘do not transfer’ recommendation may be because not only is the advice to not transfer, but the scheme you were considering is not compliant. The following will explain more. Recently, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) sent a reminder to the schemes who had previously self-assessed to now re-assess their compliance status and confirm to HMRC that they still met the qualifying status of being a Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme. The reminder was to ask them to confirm that they knew their QROPS obligations and could still meet the Pension Age Test as at 05 April 2015. If they could do this they could continue to remain a QROPS and if they believed they could not, they would need to stop receiving funds immediately from a UK Registered Pension Scheme (RPS). If funds continued to be accepted, those people who had pensions transferred may have incurred a 55% personal tax charge as a consequence of a transfer into a non-compliant scheme. The thought of transferring is still an option but the practicalities are now considerably more difficult especially as those interested are being directed to taking expert advice. At the heart of recent events is the Pension Age Test and also now questions surrounding whether transferring was actually the right advice in the first place. This has been a problem for QROPS in countries like Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand and for those KiwiSaver QROPS in New Zealand. Local legislation determines that Australian pensions and KiwiSavers and Canadian and Irish pensions can in certain circumstances allow access prior to the age of 55, meaning that they cannot meet HMRC’s Pension Age Test. The worst-case scenario if you do transfer or have transferred to a scheme purporting to be a QROPS, is now you are facing the 55% tax charge as previously mentioned. In the eyes of HMRC, the scheme is reclassified to a plain Overseas Pension Scheme (OPS) and is not actually a QROPS, hence why you would be facing a personal tax charge of 55% of the amount transferred (that’s right, you pay it personally). HMRC consider such pension releases as Unauthorised Payments (UP). In order to protect yourself now more than ever, it is vital to seek suitable retirement planning and pension transfer advice. Also beware of a practice we have seen where advisers Statements of Advice that have disclaimers make you liable for such tax liabilities all because the small print says that you take responsibility if the advice is wrong. If you are considering transferring your UK pension to Australia or New Zealand, already in the process of transferring your pension, or have already transferred UK tax-relieved pension benefits since 06 April 2015, contact Andrew Hains at Montfort International on +44 (0)1483 202072 to assess your situation without delay. Tuesday, 16 June 2015 10:09

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Offshore QROPS provides specialist Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes advice to anyone who has accrued UK pension benefits and is interested in transferring their fund to an overseas pension when retiring abroad. Discover why so many people rely on us to provide up to date independent QROPS/QNUPS advice on overseas pension schemes.

“Your advice on pensions (we were astonished as to the value of Phyl's pension) transfer of money etc has been invaluable. The way you explained both verbally and in your written reports made life so much easier."

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Retirement pension planning for individuals who spend time working overseas is a complex area. Planning for international pensions can be a very tax efficient way of saving for retirement and can provide greater flexibility over UK based pensions, both in terms of investment choice and payment of benefits. Our vast experience has made us one of the most sought after sources of advice on international pensions.

To find out if QROPS or QNUPS (Qualifying Non UK Pension Scheme) is a suitable solution for you, please contact us for a FREE initial assessment. Once we determine if a QROPS or QNUPS is right for your situation, we can produce a independent QROPS or QNUPS report tailored to your personal circumstances.

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We provide bespoke reports for both QROPS and QNUPS cases and we also aim to educate other UK based financial advisors in the process.

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